AdvoCare International, LP Independent Review

AdvoCare International, LP is a company founded in 1993 by Charles Ragus and has its corporate headquarters in Carrollton, Texas, USA.  The company promotes and sells its nutrition, weight loss and skin care products through multi-level marketing.   It lists over 50,000 individual affiliates throughout the United States.  “We Build Champions” is the company slogan with obvious reference to its popularity in the field of sports.

The AdvoCare product line includes protein shakes, protein snacks, nutritional supplements, energy boosters, fitness supplements, and skin care products.  Several of these products, especially those used for sporting purposes, have been certified as banned-substance free by the Informed Choice Certification Program.  Respected individuals with extensive experience and background in the fields of science, medicine and nutrition comprise the company’s Scientific and Medical Advisory Board.

As a multi-level marketing company, AdvoCare International, LP rewards its distributors for the direct sales they make to end-users.  Aside from that, network marketers can also earn additional revenues through commissions they are entitled to for sales made by the recruits they personally sponsor (downlines).  The MLM company is an active member in good standing of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and a DSA award recipient in 2002 for its DebtBuster® System.  AdvoCare also received awards in 2008 for the AdvoBus Program and was an involved participant in the 2010 DSA Code of Ethics Communication Initiative.

The company is known for its active involvement in sports through sponsorships and endorsement contracts.  It has in its fold a number of professional athletes, coaches and entertainers that promote and propagate the use of at least one of the company’s products.  For this purpose, the company has established the AdvoCare Sports Advisory Council that is composed of known strength and conditioning coaches and athletic trainers coming from all over the United States mainland.

New Orleans Saints star quarterback Drew Brees is currently the national spokesperson for AdvoCare; signed up through a sports endorsement deal.  The company has also sponsored major sporting events such as the NCAA college football Independence Bowl (renamed the AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl).

AdvoCare International, LP also shows its social awareness and responsibility by supporting initiatives towards that goal.  It pledged $250,000 to support US troops and their families through the Operation Homefront in 2010.  AdvoCare likewise donated the founding grant in 2010 that helped establish the College Football Assistance Fund (CFAF).  The CFAF is a non-profit organization devoted to support college football players who sustain serious injuries.  In spite of all these, however, the company has had its share of controversies from its sports involvement.

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