American Dream Nutrition Review: How to Succeed in American Dream Nutrition

Background History of American Dream Nutrition

American Dream Nutrition is a direct selling company under the umbrella of the Success Marketing Group.  Products include complete lines of nutritional, weight management and dietary supplement products.  At this time the company has three major products: ThinMagic Ultra, Get Juiced, and Clear Heart.  The company operates through its network of independent distributors who market its various product lines. Check out their website for more information about their products “Click Here!”

American Dream Nutrition is a company committed to the quality of their products, and impressive new income potential their compensation plan offers. They are also a company founded on Christian principles and values.

American Dream’s manufacturing – Their manufacturing facilities are regulated by the FDA and operate under strict guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

The American Dream Nutrition Business Opportunity

American Dream requires its prospective affiliates to come up with a little investment to purchase a starter kit for a quick education on the business processes.  The kit includes some of the company’s products and instructional materials on learning the business model.  The prospect may then try out the products and learn the various strategies in promoting and selling the product, and the proper ways in building effective networks.

After the training period, the new member will directly sell the products to consumers or end-users.  An affiliate may sell the products from the starter kit if he so chooses.  A commission is earned for every product sold.  To boost one’s income from selling American Dream Nutrition products, a distributor may recruit new members into the program.  All sales made by a new recruit will earn commissions for the upline or the first recruiter, and sales made by recruits of the 2nd level distributors will also earn a smaller percentage of commission to the first recruiter.

This process is called streaming of residual income.  This income has the potential to provide exponential amounts of earnings and is also the main source of motivation for distributors to make good on their skills in network building and maintenance.

In the traditional marketing methods employed by mainstream companies, a lot of money is spent on the distribution system and on product advertising.  The cost to distribute or bring the products to the storage facilities in all areas covered by the business operations alone is a major company expense.  This cost is imputed on the product cost that jacks up its selling price.  And you still have the cost of advertising to contend with.  Add to that the various selling-related expenses and you have a full-priced product that is probably at least twice its cost to produce.

In direct selling business operations, additional costs are put to a minimum by not engaging in the traditional marketing and selling activities.  Instead, part of the savings is used to pay for the services of the various distributors in the network who actually do the marketing, selling and distribution of the various products.  Distributors of the American Dream Nutrition products take on those responsibilities as integral parts of the business.


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